Welcome to Bairpawragdolls.
Email me at Gingbair@gmail.com or text 412-997-1235
We are a small in home breeder of rag dolls located in a quiet
country setting near the Pittsburgh Airport.

I started breeding rag dolls because of their fantastic
temperament and loving attitudes.  I soon found out those
cute little faces just melt your heart!  Everything they do is
cute or funny. They just want to love you no matter what kind
of day you are having . They are truly the sweetest natured
cat ever.  They are great with kids, other animals, and anyone
who comes into your home. Our babies are spoiled rotten!   

We are hands on 24, 7.  They are not only loved by my
husband and I but they are loved by their 4 doggie brothers
and sisters. Zeke,(the dobie) Dot,(the AKC Aussie Shepherd)
Ginger, (The AKC mini aussie) and our newest kitten trainer
Daisy ( the fun loving pug).  They all play and get along great.
And when the playing is over it's definitely cuddly time!

My goal is to create the most adorable, friendly, and unique
kittens anywhere.   If you want a beautiful, fun loving new
family member then you've come to the right place.

I have always told visitors who want a raggie to plan on
staying an hour or 2 here at our house.  The Ragdoll will
choose YOU!  I haven't been wrong yet!

Please don't waste your time or money with catterys that
won't allow you visit their home or want to bring the cat/kitten
to you. These are people to stay away from. They are hiding
something from you. They use excuses such as "Privacy"or
"We'll come to you". Anyone who won't let you visit inside
the cattery should immediately throw a red flag in your mind.  
Also, stay away from those asking for "cash only"